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Down The Dustpipe
Groszman, 1970

In My Chair

Rossi/Parfitt, 1970

Manston/James, 1970 (B-side of In My Chair)

Junior's Wailing

White/Pugh, 1970 (Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon)

Mean Girl
Rossi/Young, 1971 (Dog Of Two Head)


Rossi/Young, 1971 (Dog of Two Head)

Don't Waste My Time

Rossi/Young, 1972 (Piledriver)

Paper Plane
Rossi/Young, 1972 (Piledriver)

Unspoken Words
Rossi/Young, 1972 (Piledriver)

Roadhouse Blues
Doors, 1972 (Piledriver)

Rossi/Young, 1973 (Hello!)

Roll Over Lay Down
Rossi/Young/Lancaster/Parfitt/Coghlan, 1973 (Hello!)

Softer Ride
Lancaster/Parfitt, 1973 (Hello!)

Parfitt/Lancaster, 1974 (Quo)

Break The Rules
Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan, 1974 (Quo)

Slow Train

Rossi/Young, 1974 (Quo)

Bye Bye Johnny
Berry, 1975 (On The Level)

Down Down
Rossi/Youngt, 1975 (On The Level)

Little Lady

Parfitt, 1975 (On The Level)

Most Of The Time
Rossi/Youngt, 1975 (On The Level)

Mad About The Boy
Rossi/Young, 1976 (Blue For You)  

Parfitt, 1976 (Blue For You)

Wild Side of Life
Carter/Warren, 1976

Dirty Water
Rossi/Young, 1977 (Rockin' All Over The World)

Hold You Back
Rossi/Young/Parfitt, 1977 (Rockin' All Over The World)

Rockin' All Over The World
Fogerty, 1977 (Rockin' All Over The World)

Again And Again
Parfitt/Lynton/Bown, 1978 (If You Can't Stand The Heat)

Whatever You Want
Parfitt/Bown, 1979 (Whatever You Want)

What Your're Proposing
Rossi/Frost, 1980 (Just Supposin')

Something 'Bout You Baby I Like
Supa, 1981 (Never Too Late)

The Wanderer
Meresca, 1984

In The Army Now
Bolland/Bolland, 1986 (In The Army Now)

Burning Bridges
Rossi/Bown, 1988 (Ain't Complaining)

The Oriental
Rossi/Edwards, 2002 (Heavy Traffic)

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