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Again And Again
Parfitt/Lynton/Bown, 1978 (If You Can't Stand The Heat)

Parfitt/Lancaster, 1974 (Quo)

Break The Rules
Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan, 1974 (Quo)

Burning Bridges

Rossi/Bown, 1988 (Ain't Complaining)

Bye Bye Johnny
Berry, 1975 (On The Level)

Rossi/Young, 1973 (Hello!)

Dirty Water
Rossi/Young, 1977 (Rockin' All Over The World)

Don't Waste My Time
Rossi/Young, 1972 (Piledriver)

Down Down

Rossi/Youngt, 1975 (On The Level)

Down The Dustpipe

Groszman, 1970

Manston/James, 1970 (B-side of In My Chair)

Hold You Back
Rossi/Young/Parfitt, 1977 (Rockin' All Over The World)

In The Army Now
Bolland/Bolland, 1986 (In The Army Now)

In My Chair
Rossi/Parfitt, 1970

Junior's Wailing
White/Pugh, 1970 (Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon)

Little Lady
Parfitt, 1975 (On The Level)

Mad About The Boy
Rossi/Young, 1976 (Blue For You)  

Mean Girl
Rossi/Young, 1971 (Dog Of Two Head)

Most Of The Time

Rossi/Youngt, 1975 (On The Level)

Paper Plane
Rossi/Young, 1972 (Piledriver)

Rossi/Young, 1971 (Dog of Two Head)

Parfitt, 1976 (Blue For You)

Roadhouse Blues

The Doors, 1972 (Piledriver)

Rockin' All Over The World
Fogerty, 1977 (Rockin' All Over The World)

Roll Over Lay Down
Rossi/Young/Lancaster/Parfitt/Coghlan, 1973 (Hello!)

Slow Train
Rossi/Young, 1974 (Quo)

Softer Ride
Lancaster/Parfitt, 1973 (Hello!)

Something 'Bout You Baby I Like
Supa, 1981 (Never Too Late)

The Oriental
Rossi/Edwards, 2002 (Heavy Traffic)

The Wanderer

Meresca, 1984

Unspoken Words
Rossi/Young, 1972 (Piledriver)

What Your're Proposing
Rossi/Frost, 1980 (Just Supposin')

Whatever You Want
Parfitt/Bown, 1979 (Whatever You Want)

Wild Side of Life
Carter/Warren, 1976

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